I’ve been watching Bollywood movies for twenty years. I have an MA in Literature and Culture from Oregon State University. My academic focus has been medieval English literature, which actually overlaps pretty well with masala films: big emotions, lovers trying to be together, action set pieces, people trying to find their place in a rigid society. Because I’m fascinated by the intersection of the historical and the modern, I’m particularly fond of Shakespeare adaptations and particularly bored by historical epics.

I generally consider myself a second-wave feminist, but I understand the problems with that wave, such as its focus on (American) middle-class white heterosexual women. I do like the parts about activism, health care, expression sexuality, and hating men. I’m trying to be intersectional in a way my sisters from the 1970s were not.

While I don’t want to fall into the third wave trap of “something is feminist simply because a woman is doing it,” ultimately I’d like to see a world (a world! a whole world!) where women, and all people, are free to live the lives they want.

I live in the United States, so there will be an implicit bias.

Call me crazy if you must, but I really enjoy movies and television where women get to do things, grow, change, and be people not props.

Favorite movie: Dil Bole Hadippa!

Actual favorite movie because I am trash garbage: Duplicate

Favorite jodi: Shahid Kapoor and Kareena Kapoor

Favorite item song: “Sheila ki Jawani” because I’m boring as hell

The Feminist Bollywood Item Song Playlist

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